Need your Support!

Hello everyone this is the last week of the campaign trail, so I`d like to give you an update on how my past 16 months on council has been.
Being the Chairman of public works, I worked alongside our staff looking for budget reduction measures. With energy improvements in all our buildings, we are saving on our hydro bill enormously. They have replaced the old dated lighting in the Miratec building and City Hall and are working towards getting all City owned buildings equipped with these energy saving measures. I have loved every bit of time that I have spent on council fighting for all tax payers of this great city. The next 4 years will surely be very demanding. Some tough decisions will need to be made while keeping the best interest of our citizens in mind. If I am elected I will insure that all projects that come to council will be scrutinized with the best interest of every tax payer.
I am also co-chair for Wellness and Recreation. During my time there we have been making and planning improvements to all our outdoor venues; such as Ritchie Wharf, French Fort Cove, Waterford Green, Queen Elizabeth Park and Elm Park.
With tourist season fast approaching the city has taken a leadership role in coordinating many events and festivals. The Striper Bass Tournament, The Ribfest, Spring Fling are just a few of the festivals that are coming up in May. I hope to see each of you attending these events.
My time on council has been very rewarding largely due to the amount of people I had the opportunity to meet who care as much about this city as I do. Although everything does not always run smoothly, as all decisions require many meetings, time and discussions, to insure the tax payer`s interest is at heart, that is democracy.
Anyone that had a question , comment or concern, I always made sure to reply back and problem solve quickly as possible, when I could.
I am looking for everyone`s support on May 9th and I hope to be able to continue to represent the fine citizens of our great city, Miramichi.
Thank you Tony , Bucket , Walsh 622-4612