Buckets In!

Having served on council for a little over a year after winning the December 2014 bye-election,
Tony (Bucket) Walsh is more than enthusiastic about letting his name stand again in the May 9th
municipal election.
While serving as co-chair for wellness and leisure (recreation) and as a city representative for
Historic Downtown Chatham and the Chatham Library, Tony’s main focus has been his role as Chairman
of Transportation and Utilities (Public Works). This is a demanding portfolio responsible for road
maintenance, transportation and utilities. Much progress has been achieved in these departments
thanks to hard working and dedicated public employees.

There are several major projects the next council will be required to deal with that will affect all
city residents. Having been involved in the preliminary steps he is well aware of the effect these
potential projects will have on both the citizens and the growth of the city. He strongly believes the city
should be careful about how and why money is spent and getting the best return on investments. Tony
is not afraid to speak out when he feels there is a cheaper or more efficient way to get things done.
Tony says it has been a great honour and a wonderful experience to serve on Miramichi Council.
The dedicated and knowledgeable staff at city hall go out of their way to assist novice counsellors as
there is a very sharp learning curve,” their advice and willingness to help certainly made my experience
memorable and rewarding”.
Always making himself available to Miramichi citizens, Tony is proud to say he returns all phone
calls and e-mails, no matter what the subject. If it is enough of a concern that you feel you need to
contact a counsellor than it deserves a reply. He feels it is the responsibility of all councillors to respond
to their constituents. Over the past year he has been in office Tony is proud to say he has done that.
May 9th is fast approaching and it is Tony’s desire to continue his work on the citizen’s behalf
and to ensure the city of Miramichi prospers well into the future. Hard work, dedication and a great love
of my community is what I offer says Tony, adding that he humbly asks for your support on May 9th to
continue his work.

Tony can be reached at 622-4612 or at tony.walsh@miramichi.org