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April 2018

APRIL 2018 WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK to my long-neglected postings. I got away from doing my regular post and was encouraged by my editor to start up again. Thanks Terry for the kick in the pants. Where to start…… The City accomplished a lot in 2017: • the construction of a new Zip-Line at French… Continue Reading

December 2016 Update

December 2016 Update

I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great New Year. Check out this great poem written by Mayor Adam Lordon Twas the Night Before Christmas at City Hall 2016 Twas the night before Christmas at city hall 2016 Our budget for 2017 should be… Continue Reading

Fall Update!

First off after a very busy summer schedule I have to say its been a bit of time since my last post. I am glad to get back and update you all! As everyone is aware I am back on council and would like to thank the city for all the tremendous support I received… Continue Reading


Hi Miramichiers! Today is the big day Im very excited and hoping you are all out to support me! Every vote counts and I appreciate all your support! If you haven’t already please get to the poles and VOTE BUCKET! Tony Bucket Walsh Continue Reading

Need your Support!

Hello everyone this is the last week of the campaign trail, so I`d like to give you an update on how my past 16 months on council has been. Being the Chairman of public works, I worked alongside our staff looking for budget reduction measures. With energy improvements in all our buildings, we are saving… Continue Reading

Buckets In!

Having served on council for a little over a year after winning the December 2014 bye-election, Tony (Bucket) Walsh is more than enthusiastic about letting his name stand again in the May 9th municipal election. While serving as co-chair for wellness and leisure (recreation) and as a city representative for Historic Downtown Chatham and the… Continue Reading

March Update

We had our last Q an A session on March 15th at the Exhibition Center and it was well attended. People of all ages were there and asking lots of great questions about the new proposed Wellness Center. There were pros and cons on both sides. All the Council were asked where they stood on… Continue Reading

January/Febuary Update

January- February Report First of all, I would like to apologize for not having a January news update on my council matters. It was actually a quiet month so I am combining the past two months. The 37th Annual Salmon Hockey Tournament was held with great success, with over 30 teams in attendance from across… Continue Reading

November/December Update

My how a year goes by! Several of my fellow Councillors and myself traveled to our capital city of New Brunswick, Fredericton, for two days of strategic planning sessions. This proved to be my most educational experience thus far. Topics that were discussed ranged from cities group buying equipment, supplies etc. to get a better… Continue Reading