august update

First of all i want to apologize for this post being a bit late as i was quite busy and even slid in a holiday! Our new payroll center is underway as everyone can see from the bridge. Construction is going up! Our new k-8 school is well underway as well. The radio street upgrade as been completed and presently there are 4 stop signs…the decision whether the traffic lights go back up is still on the table.

The Ironmen hosted the Nationals and the tournament was a huge success. I personally hosted the Newfoundland Team and I loved the experience and the ball team really enjoyed the Miramcihi and the hospitality!

Our Streets that were designated are being paved as i write this as the weather continues to be terrific. We are in the process of going to our recycling project so stay tuned.

We approved motions for Trevors Nissan and Miramichi Naturalpathic to expand their businesses. They will look awesome as i have seen the plans. Our new Tourist Eco-center has been a huge success by the numbers council have recieved.

I attended the Folk Song Festival and every show and dinner were sold out. Susan Butler and staff once again did what they do best and host an amazing festival. I also attended Acadian Days in the park and was also a huge success.

People have been asking me how i like council after 9 months…I reply saying it is quite demanding by times by I thuroughly enjoy and it keeps me so very involved in our great City which is moving ahead in a positive way.

Anne and I were blessed with the birth of our great grandson Charlie ..his mother our grand daughter Elizabeth is doing great. We visited them in Ontario in the middle of August along with all our other grand children.

In closing anyone having any problems or concerns always feel free to contact myself at 6224612.
Thank you