Monthly Archives: November 2014

I love the Miramichi

I have spent the last couple of weeks travelling around the city talking to people from all walks of life, young, old, employed, under employed, unemployed and retired. Almost everybody here is worried about the economy. Currently a lot of our young people and quite a few older have been forced to travel to work… Continue Reading

Campaign trail continues…

Having a great week thru the cold weather. New signage being put up this weekend and more door to door campaigning continued and will thru-out the week! Receiving many phone calls with Miramichiers voicing their concerns…its great to talk with everyone and see how people care and are effected. Vote Bucket! Hope to see ya… Continue Reading

Nov 14

On the campaign trail today. Deadline for nominations closed today and it looks like I will be running against three other candidates. On the phone today drumming up support, and getting lots of positive feedback. Continue Reading

campaign trail

Hello Miramichi! I had a great day in loggieville visiting all the folks in the community. On the campaign trail enjoying talking to everyone and recieved great feedback and suggestions on what the people are looking for. Also don’t forget advanced poles are open November 29th. Thank you for your support and feedback. Continue Reading